Robert Baumann

M.Sc. urbanism

Robert currently works as a Junior Urban Designer at Cityförster in Rotterdam. He successfully completed his degree in Urbanism at the Technical University of Munich, specializing in the development and design of both urban and rural areas. In addition to his expertise in urban planning, Robert holds a bachelor's degree in Geography from the University of Muenster.

His particular interest lies in the question of how to create attractive places, not only through spatial interventions but also via cultural approaches. Through collaboration with cultural entrepreneurs in peripheral regions across Europe and by being part of a European exchange program, he has gained valuable insights into informal and community-based developments, diverging from traditional participation schemes.

For his master's thesis, Robert delved into the potential future of an unoccupied monastery complex in a rural area. This endeavour allowed him to combine these interests and pose essential questions about the contemporary value of building culture. The study explored how vast historical complexes, such as the case study monastery, can yield a sustainable impact for the entire region.