Lisa Iglseder

M.Sc. architecture and urban design

Lisa Iglseder is a successful graduate of the master's degree in architecture and urban development at Leibniz University Hannover. During her studies, Lisa Iglseder worked as a tutor at the Institute for History and Theory, as well as at the Institute for Design and Urban Development in the Department for Regional Building and Settlement Planning. After completing her studies and successfully working at the architectural office Jo Klein Architekten in Berlin, Lisa Iglseder has been an integral part of the CITYFÖRSTER team in Hanover since 2019.

During her master's thesis, she developed her interest in new urban and living space concepts and dealt with the implementation of a 'Responsive City' in the developing country of Sri Lanka on a digital, spatial, sensitive, and sociological level. As a special objective, she focuses on building the identity of a city and its population.