Lydia Oehlwein

M.Sc. urban design

Lydia is an Urban Designer at Cityförster in Hannover. Her focus is on climate action and designing cities for social value.

From her studies (M.Sc.) at Aalborg University, Denmark, she brings Scandinavian know-how on water sensitive urban design into the team. Her work at Cityförster includes sponge city projects in China. Lydia is dedicated to conceptualizing cities holistically from the point of view of their diverse inhabitants. Before her work at Cityförster, she participated in a Research project at Aalborg University highlighting that children can be considered co-producers of space.

Her B.Sc. in Urban and Regional Planning in Cottbus, Germany, including a semester in spatial planning at the Paris-Sorbonne (Paris IV), France, enables her to design regions understanding the complexities involved. She thrives in finding inventive ways to re-think how designers and planners read and form spaces.