Klaudia Tufina

M.Sc. architecture

Klaudia Tufina graduated with a Master of Science Degree from Epoka University in Tirana, by successfully maintaining the 5-year scholarship granted for the whole years of studies by the faculty. Klaudia has worked with local and international companies and organizations within the architecture and urbanism sector. During her studies, she has worked at the university as a Research Assistant and as a mentor to teach other students Architecture and Graphic Communication Skills. After graduation, Klaudia worked with The German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) in Albania, in the "Sustainable Urban Transport in Tirana" project.

Klaudia will study a secondary master's degree in the USA, after she was awarded a fully funded fellowship from AADF-Albanian American Development Foundation (Cohort 2022), as one of the most talented and ambitious young professionals to study a master's degree in one of the best Universities in the USA, in the field of Urban and Regional Planning.

Klaudia is enthusiastic about sustainable design topics, climate-friendly planning concepts and architecture, and innovative mobility concepts.