Anne Niehüser

Partner | Dipl.-Ing. Architecture

Strategic Urban and Location Development, New Forms of Housing

Anne is a founding partner of CITYFÖRSTER architecture + urbanism. Her areas of focus are strategic urban and location development and the design and construction of new forms of housing.

Anne Niehüser studied architecture at Leibniz University Hannover and TU Delft. She expanded upon her transdisciplinary studies at the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne and worked for, among other firms, NL Architects and S333 architects + urban planners in Amsterdam and with Arno Brandlhuber in Berlin.

For Anne, the process of designing is one that also always involves exploration and research, which is why she combines practical work with teaching. Anne explores the dynamic intersection between strategic urban development and new forms of housing. For example, she develops solutions for challenging properties and vacant lots that are subject to special building code requirements. From 2010 to 2014, Anne was a research associate at the University of Kassel in the Department of Architectural Design.

With the LES House in Westphalia, Anne and Mark Niehüser developed their own residential building with office unit for themselves and their family. In the "self-test," she explores the question of how housing and the workplace can be successfully integrated in the future. As a client, developer, and planner, Anne has been able to gain new perspectives: if all the actors pull together, projects can be more economical and evolve through less compromise.