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There is another way.

This is also true for architecture and urban planning, if we understand both as parts of systems. We think of designing, planning, and building as team work enabling the best ideas to prevail. For this reason CITYFÖRSTER works as a partnership supported by an interdisciplinary network. With you we develop better solutions for working and learning, housing and living.


The draft envisages an extension of the Lutherschule through a powerful and independent structure, which fits into the existing block structure and self-confidently positions itself to the Engelbosteler Damm.
The five-storey building forms in a modern and contemporary architectural language a clearly perceptible address, while radiating openness and transparency. At the same time, the indented ground floor facade with its striking brick arches creates a spacious and covered entrance area.
The central organizational idea is the clustering and self-evident stacking of the different areas of use:
The communal areas are located on the ground floor, the creative areas on the 1st floor, the natural sciences on the 2nd floor and the grade clusters on the two upper floors. As in the floors below, the classrooms are grouped around a central communication zone that creates additional learning venues with niches and open areas.


16. May. 2019

"The importance of resource efficiency is increasing in the construction industry. This can be inferred from the current resource efficiency program of the Federal Government (ProgRess II) as well as from efforts at European level to establish a "circular economy". In addition, in December 2018, the UBA published a position paper entitled "Conservation of natural resources through material cycles in the construction industry"

At the symposium we will show various strategies of recycling-compatible construction and construction with recycled building materials and used components on the basis of our pilot project recycling house.

Thursday, May 16, 2019, IHK Kiel

3rd Northern German symposium on recycling building materials
26. Apr. 2019

We report on the role of recycling in the construction industry and what opportunities digitalization offers for large real estate companies to understand their building stock as a huge component warehouse.


Cityförster in the current issue of the Immobilienwirtschaft
15. Apr. 2019

Cityförster is looking for ambitious graduates and interns for the design department in Hanover.
You are open, creative, confident and motivated to contribute your own ideas? You enjoy designing, deciding and illustrating. Then become part of our team. Together we design buildings and urban plans. From regional projects to international tasks, the field of work at Cityförster is diverse.
Apply with a short descriptive portfolio to application@cityfoerster.net.
Looking forward to hearing from you!

Job Cityförster Hanover

The design for the new NCCA is composed as a cluster of fragmented volumes. The exhibition spaces are organized to combine maximum flexibility with inspiring spatial situations, which are based on historic paths of desire, those personal short-cuts and crossings one takes to arrive at a destination. Similar to the process of art making, these "desired paths" echo the creative process, offering cross-reference and thinking outside the box. Diverting from the logic of desired paths, and simultaneously highlighting it's off the beaten path logic, the basic setup of volumes and spaces is a clear rigid structure with maximum spans to allow flexible and functional subdivisions. The proposed volumes frame several public spaces between them, while maintaining an intimate relation to the park. Other functions of the park, such as sport fields, special gardens or café's become aligned to the master grid. By incorporating all local traffic – such as the visitors to the mall – the museum square becomes a mix-device, where the Art Centers blurs the lines between art, labor, pastime and commerce.