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There is another way.

This is also true for architecture and urban planning, if we understand both as parts of systems. We think of designing, planning, and building as team work enabling the best ideas to prevail. For this reason CITYFÖRSTER works as a partnership supported by an interdisciplinary network. With you we develop better solutions for working and learning, housing and living.


The new "District Landscape Dietenbach" sets high standards for its completeness and its autonomy. It does not see itself as a mere settlement on the outskirts, but as a densification of diverse spatial and urban elements such as districts, boulevard, center, neighborhoods, junctions, landscape as well as building structures and programs - condensed and superimposed - they merge to a vibrant district, which is independent in his structure and at the same time integrated into the larger urban context and landscape. Four individual districts are oriented towards two large open spaces that flow through the new district as well as to the large landscape scenery of Freiburg. In addition to the small-scale road network, the boulevard connects the districts. Here you will find a variety of divers usable squares, which stand for urban openness and provide orientation. A new center serves as a local supply center and common reference point with symbolic centrality.


06. Jun. 2018

As part of the invited Buchholzer Grün competition, CITYFÖRSTER was awarded first prize for three residential buildings and second prize for a chain of row houses.

We now look forward to contributing to the future development of the former site of the Oststadt Hospital in Hanover Buchholz.

1.+2. prize for the competition Buchholzer Grün in Hanover
16. May. 2018

Martin Sobota will talk about "How Social Performance Improves our Cities" during next weeks session on New Standards for Contemporary Housing at the Living Environment Forum in Kaliningrad, hosted by the Strelka Institute. More than 700 experts, officials, and activists will gather On May 18-19th by the Baltic Sea to discuss the trends and challenges of modern Russian housing.

Living Environment: All About Housing
Kaliningrad, May 18–19, 2018
Location: Kaliningrad Regional Drama Theatre
Address: Mira Ave., 4, Kaliningrad

13. Apr. 2018

After intensive planning phase, it finally starts: Construction Start Recyclinghaus!
Today, around 21m³ of recycled concrete has been poured into the formwork of the foundations.

The Recyclinghaus is made of recycled (reused) and recyclable (reusable) components in recycling-fair construction (use and disassembly of the components).

Construction Start Recyclinghaus

The design concept 'Green Wave' generates a holistic image and a characteristic coastal skyline for the site of Kirkjusandur in Reykjavik, Iceland. Two design principles characterize the appearance of all buildings: The dynamic shape of the wave as an aesthetic concept and the integration of green spaces as vital elements of functional and atmospheric quality. The new headquarters of Glitnir Bank, a nine-storey building addressing the prominent highway Sæbraut, will be the key figure for the future development. The elevated entrance plaza is secluded from public flow on ground level and sheltered from heavy winds coming from the shore. Open working spaces can be organised and subdivided flexibly. Winter gardens on each floor increase internal lighting, provide space for informal communication and create a comfortable atmosphere and climate. A decentralized ventilation system and a heating system based on geothermal energy are implemented, which are economic in maintenance, space-saving and highly energy efficient. The façade consists of tilted glass elements creating a "deep skin" that reflects natural and artificial light in different angles.