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There is another way.

This is also true for architecture and urban planning, if we understand both as parts of systems. We think of designing, planning, and building as team work enabling the best ideas to prevail. For this reason CITYFÖRSTER works as a partnership supported by an interdisciplinary network. With you we develop better solutions for working and learning, housing and living.


On the Kronsberg in Hanover, a residential building is created as a recycling house: The building is made of recycled (reused) and recyclable (reusable) components in recycling-fair construction (use and disassembly of the components without loss of quality). The components should come from local sources.

The building is built on a foundation of recycled concrete and foam glass gravel in a glue-free solid wood construction. Façades, windows and the interior are "harvested" from other demolition projects, and reinstalled after a revision. Individual objects are saved before disposal and recycled as Readymade.

The construction industry is one of the largest waste producers and energy consumers. The research project Recyclinhouse provides an important contribution to the sustainability discourse of the construction sector. When looking at energy efficiency, not only the energy consumption of a building in operation is important, but also the gray energy that goes along with the construction of the building. Both product and material recycling will play an increasingly important role in the future.


16. Aug. 2018

Voor ons kantoor in Rotterdam zijn wij op zoek naar een enthousiaste Office Manager (24-40uur per week) die administratieve en financiële taken kan overnemen en de ontwerpteams organisatorisch kan ondersteunen. Het betreft een divers takenpakket, waaronder bureaumanagement, het ondersteunen van de directie, (lichte) operationele HR-werkzaamheden, financiële administratie en business development.

De functie eist iemand die proactief is, met sterke communicatieve vaardigheden; uitstekende beheersing van de Nederlands en Engelse taal; ervaring met MS Office, tekst en illustratie en kennis van Adobe Creative Suite. Voorkeur is voor sollicitanten met beleidsmatig, procedureel en financieel inzicht (kennis van boekhouding of HR is een pré) en minstens twee jaar werkervaring binnen een soortgelijke functie (architectuur en/of stedenbouw).

Ben je geïnteresseerd in deze functie? Stuur dan uiterlijk maandag 20 augustus een mail met je sollicitatie, voorzien van je cv en beschikbaarheid, naar application@cityfoerster.net met als titel "Sollicitatie Office Manager". Woensdag 22 augustus zullen de eerste gesprekken plaats vinden.

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09. Jul. 2018

on 6.7.2018 the topping-out ceremony at the recycling house was celebrated.
In addition to a small exhibition on used and recycled materials, guests had the opportunity to view some of the previously installed used materials such as to see an 8m high oak wall made of historic beams and a steel staircase made of former window substructures.

From the crown corks collected at the topping-out ceremony, a wall covering will later be produced for the restroom.

Recyclinghaus – Highest Point!
22. Jun. 2018

From the former House of Youth in Hanover-Linden used window and facade elements are removed and reworked to be installed in the recycling house. The construction method required a planning process that was changed in order: not from the bodyshell to the fitting component, but vice versa. For example, from the "harvested" window element for determining the shell opening.

Recyclinghouse - The harvest of the building components

The design sets the urban development capstone for the Pelikanviertel. The original factory premises, the Neikes buildings, the FOUR and the "green, greener PELIKAN" - each stand alone and at the same time relate to each other. The self-similarity of the five buildings creates a strong, characterful unit that responds individually to its neighborhood. Each of the five L-shaped buildings consists of a two-piece "bar" and a "head", which is formed by the accentuation of the high points by means of pyramid-like roofs and represents the prelude to the quarter. The roofs allow the maximum utilization of the plots and increase the recognition value. The range of uses offers variety - from green living, or mansard apartments with roof gardens, to hybrid studio apartments, to a variety of forms of use on the ground floor, which gives the street a unique character. The green oases in the courtyards provide a retreat and are the centerpiece of the design. Intensive greening of the balconies and facades form vertical gardens and, in addition to privacy, sun and noise protection, provide high-quality open space with privacy despite relatively dense development.