Recycling house

On the Kronsberg in Hanover, a residential building is created as a recycling house: The building is made of recycled (reused) and recyclable (reusable) components in recycling-fair construction (use and disassembly of the components without loss of quality). The components should come from local sources.

The building is built on a foundation of recycled concrete and foam glass gravel in a glue-free solid wood construction. Façades, windows and the interior are "harvested" from other demolition projects, and reinstalled after a revision. Individual objects are saved before disposal and recycled as Readymade.

The construction industry is one of the largest waste producers and energy consumers. The research project Recyclinhouse provides an important contribution to the sustainability discourse of the construction sector. When looking at energy efficiency, not only the energy consumption of a building in operation is important, but also the gray energy that goes along with the construction of the building. Both product and material recycling will play an increasingly important role in the future.