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There is another way.

This is also true for architecture and urban planning, if we understand both as parts of systems. We think of designing, planning, and building as team work enabling the best ideas to prevail. For this reason CITYFÖRSTER works as a partnership supported by an interdisciplinary network. With you we develop better solutions for working and learning, housing and living.


Our reconstruction concept of Tirana's "Student City 2" aims to show the great potential for particularly thermal energy savings in construction, modern student housing and is showcasing a well performing example how public and private sector can interact. As the buildings suffers from massive deterioration on the inside, main focus of the energy concept lays on a replacement of all basic infrastructure, including a adequate ventilation and heating systems as well as new windows as its centrepiece to remedy humidity. Different subdivisions of student rooms with joined shared bathrooms and modifications in use of common rooms allows spacious privacy and reacts on students needs. Applying a complementary colored orientation and material system for each dormitory allows visual indication of buildings, floors and rooms and provides "Student City 2" with a unique identity. As the roofs of the buildings offer common space, they can be used according to public or economic visions of its users and leverage "Student City 2" to be Albania's pilot energy efficiency project.

20. Jun. 2017

Housing, working, learning - lifestyles are constantly changing. "The craziest utopia would be the attempt to freeze the present," says Alexander Kluge. In her lecture, Verena Brehm talks about how the projects of CITYFÖRSTER are meant to accompany and foster changes in everyday life. Housing schemes, constructions methods, working environments etc. are designed that are feasible. Not radically new, but everything remains different...

Tuesday, 20.6.2017, 19:00
Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences
Nibelungenplatz 1, Gebäude 1, Raum 529

16. Jun. 2017

Cityförster wins BDA Award max45 - Young Architects in Lower Saxony for the Residential Crown - an experimental housing project for level of settlement 2.0. As an extension of the car park the project densifies the city centre with penthouses in a first class location and enhances the commercial district of Hanover with additional functions. This transformation of the car park that was in need of redevelopment increases the resilience of the property for the future and provides new apartments without sealing additional surfaces. On Architecture Day on June 25, 2017 the Residential Crown we invite you to visit the Residential Crown on Windmühlenstraße in Hanover.

07. Jun. 2017

"Architecture creates quality of life" is the nation-wide motto of the Architecture Day 2017: We are happy and proud that two of our projects are part of this year's selection! On Sunday, 25th of June 2017, we invite you to visit the "Residential Crown" in Hannover and the "New School" in Wolfsburg.

Residential Crown Hannover
Windmühlenstraße 3, 30159 Hannover
guided tours: 13:00 and 14:00
more information

New School Wolfsburg
Heinrich-Heine-Straße 36, 38440 Wolfsburg
guided tours: 11.30, 13.30 and 15.30
more information

The project is based on three aspects: 1. future megatrends, 2. strengthening a sustainable society via social equality, healthy environment, and qualitative economic growth, 3. participation along with reflective, visionary guidance as the basis for effective and flexible developments. High velocity train and ferry connections will enhance the position of the Øresund Region as interface between Central, Northern and Baltic Europe. The development concept for the Øresund Region itself combines two main structures: the Metrosund, an association of nine cities encircling the Sund, and the Ørezones, nine sub-regional areas. Each Metrosund-City and Ørezone is given a unique profile based on existing characteristics and demands of the aforementioned megatrends, generating regional identity and global competence. Within the hinterland networks of SMESTOs (Small and MEdium sized TOwns) give a flavour of the local qualities. One key agency will guide the development process: Øresund Visionary Guidance, a multidisciplinary, independent, cross-border task force working closely with the people of the Øresund Region.