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There is another way.

This is also true for architecture and urban planning, if we understand both as parts of systems. We think of designing, planning, and building as team work enabling the best ideas to prevail. For this reason CITYFÖRSTER works as a partnership supported by an interdisciplinary network. With you we develop better solutions for working and learning, housing and living.


A new primary and comprehensive school (IUS) is planned for the former site of the Helios AG in Cologne Ehrenfeld. The school concept is based on the idea of a "university school", which spatially implements the educational objectives of inclusiveness: The school comprises the grades 1 to 13 and operates closely with the teacher training of the University of Cologne. This is architecturally reflected in an open learning environment for all grades. As part of a new high-quality and dense city block, the school should be an integral part and actor of the district: The school premises may be used publicly and the school offers a range of activities to the neighborhood.
The school is designed as a compact structure, which is confidently positioned due to its clear-cut cubic form and at the same time contextualized by its orientation to axes and edges of the surroundings. It creates a clear address to the Vogelsanger Straße by a glass-enclosed foyer and a funnel-shaped, covered entrance situation. The inviting foyer and the localization of semi-public functions on the ground floor – such as the auditorium and educational center, the canteen, workshop and studio spaces – creates the desired integration of the school into the district and allows for important synergies of different usages.
The common center - "the heart of the school" - spans over two floors and offers spacious stairs for meeting and seating: A great place for communication and leisure for all functional areas of the whole school.

Excerpt from the jury report: "The jury praised in particular the optimal implementation of the educational objectives, which corresponds in a particular way to the intentions of the users. The learning environments are well designed and can be effectively used. Primary education is accessible as a separate unit on the first floor over short distances. The secondary education units I and II are localized on one level and are equipped with a spacious central communication zone, which provides space for a diverse range of activities. ..."

01. Feb. 2017

At a time when Europe is preparing for crisis after crisis, we became fascinated by the opportunities these moments offer to rethink and shape our societies. We started a research and established a group of economists, politicians, urban planners and architects to see: How can the necessary investments in infrastructure and public space be better employed for economic renewal? Under the name Beyond Plan B, they completed research in four urban areas along the Rhine. This research received support in the past from the Dutch Creative Industries Fund and a number of Regions along the Rhine. Visit the Beyond Plan B website to view the results of the research in workbooks, interviews, films and essays.

07. Jan. 2017

For our office in Rotterdam we are looking for a landscape architect and an architect with at least 4 years of professional experience, who is able to lead challenging international projects.

Please send your application to: rotterdam@cityfoerster.net
or call us: +31 (0) 10 414 68 41

14. Dec. 2016

Together with KuiperCompagnons, KLA kipar Landschaftsarchitekten and the University of Hamburg, CITYFÖRSTER has designed a future image for the brown coal mining area of Garzweiler. "New energy" is landscape in motion and deliberately focuses on a development process that begins in the here and now. The open-cast mine is no longer intended to occupy the space monofunctionally, but rather to develop the landscape in every phase through spatial and temporal projects: Europe's largest park surrounds the Tagebaurand as a framework for a new settlements, landscapes and commercial developments in the post-mining-phase. The results will be published in February 2017. More information here.

The aim of this project was that, including participation of residents, landlords and businesses, the inner-city quarter ‚Scheelen- und Osterstraße' in Hildesheim should regain more of a profile. Via a process including all stakeholders Cityfoerster developed a vision and a design concept for the public realm, which can be implemented in phases. The project is mainly based on the efficient collaboration of the city of Hildesheim, it's marketing agency, the society HBA as well as local residents group: During frequent public consultations design stages where presented, discussed and schemes to be realized ascertained. An essential aspect of the long- term success of the project is the resident's acceptance and financial support. Through stakeholder meetings the resident's aspirations where systematically incorporated into the design progress. Furthermore effective actions and press- coverage created a high degree of publicity, which generated acceptance as well as financial engagement of all residents and stakeholders.