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Buchholzer Green is under construction

Our proposal for the Buchholzer Green was awarded first prize in 2018. The multi-storey residential building marks the start of the new quarter and offers an exciting mix of apartments. The shell and facades have already been completed.

Project Status

Masterplan Bergviertel-Krampnitz, Potsdam

We are happy to have been awarded the commission for the master plan after our success in the competition Bergviertel-Krampnitz, Potsdam in summer 2019, and are currently getting down to work. The kick-off event for the project took place on 16.03.2020.

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Project Status

Work in progress: Chalimbana Local Government Training Institute

Our masterplan for the Chalimbana Local Government Training Institute, Zambia is making good progress, with the students' and lecturers' houses almost finished and the education buildings going the same way. More recent site pictures can be found on the project page.

Project Status

Kick-off "Blankenburg South Berlin"

Together with our colleagues from Felixx, we are looking forward to contribute to the urban development of the "Blankenburg South" in Berlin. As one of four teams, we are developing a positive vision and test designs for Berlin's largest urban expansion project in a cooperative workshop process.

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Recyclinghaus – Highest Point!

on 6.7.2018 the topping-out ceremony at the recycling house was celebrated.
In addition to a small exhibition on used and recycled materials, guests had the opportunity to view some of the previously installed used materials such as to see an 8m high oak wall made of historic beams and a steel staircase made of former window substructures.

From the crown corks collected at the topping-out ceremony, a wall covering will later be produced for the restroom.

Project Status

Recyclinghouse - The harvest of the building components

From the former House of Youth in Hanover-Linden used window and facade elements are removed and reworked to be installed in the recycling house. The construction method required a planning process that was changed in order: not from the bodyshell to the fitting component, but vice versa. For example, from the "harvested" window element for determining the shell opening.

Project Status

Lune Delta° - sustainable industrial park for the city of Bremerhaven.

The city of Bremerhaven has selected our concept "Lune Delta° - designed as closed-loop cycles" as the winner from a cooperative workshop process!

The Lune Delta° is a sustainable industrial park developed by taking into account the Cradle to Cradle philosophy. Thus, the project is pointing the way into a future for sustainable and interconnected economic structures. Our concept is strongly influenced by the landscape and emphasizes a divers and cycle-oriented industrial park, that operates communicatively and cooperatively. Together with urbanegestalt and Transsolar we are very pleased about the great cooperation with the city of Bremerhaven and the growing interest in such novel concepts and planning approaches.

Project Status

We look forward to the successful building application and the start of construction of the "Open Space" with Tim Mohr

The multifunctional event location allows a variety of different uses. It is the new center of the PlatzProjekt at Lindener Hafen, an experimental startup container village. The construction process takes place according to the DIY principle, mostly in own contribution. For the construction mainly reycled materials are used.


Project Status

Workshop „Post-Mining-Landscape“ Garzweiler

Together with KuiperCompagnons, KLA kipar Landschaftsarchitekten and the University of Hamburg, CITYFÖRSTER has designed a future image for the brown coal mining area of Garzweiler. "New energy" is landscape in motion and deliberately focuses on a development process that begins in the here and now. The open-cast mine is no longer intended to occupy the space monofunctionally, but rather to develop the landscape in every phase through spatial and temporal projects: Europe's largest park surrounds the Tagebaurand as a framework for a new settlements, landscapes and commercial developments in the post-mining-phase. The results will be published in February 2017. More information here.

Project Status

Yueyang, China: The better the water the better the city!

As part of the interdisciplinary team "Water Hannover" Cityförster designs an integrated plan to improve water quality and, consequently, the quality of life in the city of Yueyang. The measures range from the new conception of the sewer network, multi-coded wetlands to a climate-friendly restructuring of the existing city. The plan follows the guiding principle to improve the water quality and at the same time to increase the quality of life in the city. The aim is to restrain or to store water where it is produced, to dispense water gradually to the environment through seepage and evaporation and to clarify water ecologically. Thus open spaces within the city are revalued, biodiversity is increased and the microclimate is improved. As part of this adaptation the potential of Nanhu, a freshwater lake, is being expanded and the lake becomes the center of the city.

Project Status

Berliner Viertel, Monheim/ Rhein

Last week we finally presented our new housing concept to upgrade the Berlin Quarter in Monheim/Rhein: The car free neighbourhood caters to a diversity of lifestyles and is sensitively integrated into the urban fabric with a strong sense of human scale. So far we're among the last three. Stay tuned!

Project Status

Workshop "Garzweiler Scenario 2036"

CITYFÖRSTER is invited to a planning workshop about the future of the open-cast mining landscape in the Garzweiler region. The workshop is organized as a cooperative process in which an interdisciplinary team will design a "Scenario 2036". We look forward to working with the offices Kuiper Compagnons, Kipar landscape architects and Dr. Susanne Kost.

Project Status


On May 24th the project team of 'The Traveller and the Olive Grove" is happy to share the results of the mission to the Albanian Riviera in March 2016. As intended, the mission produced an outline of a model for agro-tourism in a broader sense. Interviews, field visits and workshops have led to a great number of potential business cases that strengthen sustainable agriculture and tourism in Albania. The purpose of this event is to strengthen established relationships and develop possible follow up activities.

Project Status

Topping out ceremony: Residential Crown Carpark

We are happy to announce that the structural work of our project Residential Crown Carpark Windmühlenstraße is complete. Invited guests could gain first impressions during the topping out ceremony on November 20th. Mayor Stefan Schostock complimented the project as a pioneering contribution in line with the objectives of the Urban Development Programme Hannover City 2020+.

Project Status

Cape Square in Durrës

The Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama visited the construction site of Cape Square in Durrës today. The Design Concept for the square and artificial pier are the result of a collaboration with BOOM landscape in Amsterdam.

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Project Status

Pelikan housing in progress!

The building progress of the Pelikan housing site is great! The buildings will be finished in the end of 2015. For more pictures see the project page.

Project Status

New School Wolfsburg

We are excited about the building progress of the New School Wolfsburg. See more pictures here.

Project Status

Blog "Perspektivplan Freiburg" is online

The project blog Spatial Vision Freiburg is online and in lively use.

The Spatial Vision Freiburg outlines options for the spatial development of the city of Freiburg in the next 15 years. The aim is to define a model for the structural urban and open space development. The project is carried out under participation of diverse actors of urban society. The project blog provides information on working steps and results, serving alongside workshops and public information sessions as an effective tool for citizen participation. Via the blog the newsletter of the project and information about current events and processes can be received.

Project Status

The Albanian Riviera. Second stage

We're proud to announce that our team has entered the second stage for the urban design competition for the Albanian Riviera. We're off for site visit and stakeholder workshop with Openfabric Polylester and Symbiotica!

Project Status

Feasibility study "Cradle-to-Cradle Industrial Parks"

The city of Bielefeld is a partner of the INTERREG IVB project "Cradle to Cradle Business Innovation & Improvement Zones. C2C-BIZZ". The aim of the project is to promote the development of industrial parks according to the Cradle to Cradle philosophy in Europe. The concept Cradle to Cradle is based upon Prof. Dr. Michael Braungart's idea of a circular economy in which resources are not consumed but are continually used. The city of Bielefeld explores together with ten European project partners how this concept can be transferred to the development of industrial parks. In this context CITYFÖRSTER and landscape architects Urbane Gestalt are commissioned with a feasibility study, which focuses on the development of C2C principles in the areas of buildings, open space and infrastructure. Consultants are Transsolar KlimaEngineering and the material experts of imagine envelope.