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Online participation Frankfurt Northwest!

What could the new district of the quarters in the northwest of Frankfurt look like? As one of seven planning teams, we are commissioned to prepare studies on urban and landscape development. The first concepts for the development of the new district of the quarters are now available.

Click here for the short films.

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"Communities of Tacit Knowledge: Architecture and its Ways of Knowing"

We are part of the European research project „Communities of Tacit Knowledge: Architecture and its Ways of Knowing" undertaken by 10 universities, 9 architectural offices and 3 cultural institutions, and led by the ETH Zürich. Kick-off was on 9.03.-12.03.2020 in Delft / Rotterdam.

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City and Landscape: Frankfurt-Northeast

We were selected to take part in the design process for a new district for Frankfurt-Nordwest (30.000 inhabitants), as one of seven interdisciplinary teams, cooperation with our colleagues from urbanegestalt.

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We are there for you

At CITYFÖRSTER, we recognize our responsibility to prevent the further spread of the COVID-19 virus. We have therefore taken the necessary measures to ensure that our team members, partners, clients and the people surrounding us are kept safe.

However, we also recognize our social and economic responsibility as part of a value-chain in long-term and strategically important projects. We are aware that you, our clients and collaborators depend on our work.

CITYFÖRSTER, which started as a network office almost 15 years ago, would not exist without Skype, Dropbox and the likes. We have used these tools from the start and will use this opportunity to take this to a new level.

We don't want to claim that we can easily continue to work as normal. Design is an interactive process that depends on a rapid and direct exchange of ideas. It is also a work that requires focus, which can be hard to find these days - especially for our colleagues with children at home. However, we are confident that we can offer you - our clients and partners - the level of service you rightly expect from us.

We are already working largely from home. Our design process, consultation with engineers and the like are maintained without reservations. For meetings, presentations and communication we have the available technology on hand, and are committed to maintain the high standard of our projects. We will continue to meet deadlines as much as possible and will communicate in advance in case this will be difficult to achieve.
Our team members can be contacted through all the usual channels – telephone, email, Slack, Skype and WebEx.

We are as dedicated as always to create better places, and hope to meet again soon in good health.
Take care and #stayhome!

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60. ArchitekturClub of BDA Schleswig-Holstein

The ArchitekturClub in Kiel has launched a series called "Positions for climate-friendly architecture in cities and the countryside" in 2020, which was opened by Nils Nolting from Cityförster Hanover with a reflection on a number of our office projects based on the BDA report "Haus der Erde" (House of the Earth).

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1st future workshop: Raumwerk D

Under the direction of the Hamburg coordination office "urbanista", we have been working, in parallel with three other planning teams, to design an overall urban spatial image for the future development of Düsseldorf - Raumwerk D.

At the 1st future workshop on Friday, 20.03.2020, these spatial images will be presented and used as a pool of ideas in order to discuss with the participants, as experts of this city, which goals Düsseldorf's urban development must set itself and which strategies should be pursued in the future. Join in and let us work together on the future of Düsseldorf!

The event will take place at 3:00 pm in the Quartier Bohème (Ratinger Straße 25, 40213 Düsseldorf) Admission is from 2:30 pm.

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Forum Energy and Building

We will be speaking about the Recycling House, this time at the Forum Energy and Building in Hanover.

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Architecture slam in Braunschweig, 13.02.2020

Braunschweig this time: after slamming in Hanover for the first time at the end of 2018, the event went on stage at the House of Culture in Braunschweig. Chamber president Robert Marlow did not miss the opportunity to welcome the audience with some slam lines himself, before Tobias Kunze, slam poet from Hanover and well-known to the scene, got the audience in the mood. We were there with a contribution about the Recycling House.

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Holzbauforum Hamburg: Keynote speech

"Urban planning, Hamburg and timber construction - a triad?" What role can timber construction possibly play in this? Verena Brehm from our office in Hanover will comment on this question and give a keynote speech at the Holzbauforum in Hamburg on the topic: Does everything remain different? Future of urban construction.

22.01.2020, 6.30 pm, Free Academy of the Arts


to the event

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Reboot Berlin, Panel „Dream your City“

What does the city of tomorrow look like? Smart, green and a colourful mix of culture, encounters and daily needs? Car-free, but with perfectly developed public transport? High quality of living with retail spaces as social meeting places? Verena Brehm from our office in Hanover will speak at the Reboot Conference on the subject of "Making the City Better" - about examples of successful urban utopias.

Wednesday, 22.01.20, 13:30 Kosmos Berlin

More information

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BDA Cologne, "Montagsgespräch": Positions on climate change

Cityförster's position on climate change will be presented by Verena Brehm at the event "Montagsgespräch". Cityförster conceives, plans and realizes with holistic thinking and in international cooperation buildings, urban structures and open spaces for the compact, socially and functionally mixed, multi-modally networked, productive, circularly organized and climate-adaptive city.

20 Jan 2020, 19:30, BDA Cologne

To the event

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CITYFÖRSTER at the Dresden Real Estate Symposium 2020

Climate protection issues are more present today than ever before: the already controversial two-degree target is considered to be barely tenable, global climate strikes bring millions of people onto the streets worldwide, and the German government's climate protection package is sharply criticized even by experts. The construction sector is responsible for a third of global greenhouse gas emissions, with the cement industry alone accounting for 8 percent. The total air traffic only accounts for around 2 to 3 percent. In addition, there is the so-called lock-in effect: Decisions made today on construction or renovation remain unchanged for decades. [...] So how can our industry meet the justified demands for further savings? What do scientific findings mean when broken down to our practice, and how have pioneers approached the first pioneer projects?

Wednesday, 15.01.2020 - 14:00 pm at the German Hygiene Museum Dresden, Marta-Fraenkel Hall

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Phase Nachhaltigkeit

Phase Nachhaltigkeit is organized by the DGNB (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen) and the Bundesarchitektenkammer. The aim of the intiative is to transform the current building culture to make sustainable building the new normal. By signing the declaration, CITYFÖRSTER becomes part of the „Phase Nachhaltigkeit", and demonstrates their solidarity.

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11th Efficiency Conference Building+Modernising

On 22.11. and 23.11.2019 the 11th Efficiency Conference Building+Modernising will take place in Hanover. Nils Nolting from Cityförster will speak at the conference about the role of grey energy in the building production process and how it can be reduced by different recycling strategies.

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Meet us at Expo Real 2019 in Munich

7.–9. October 2019

The Bonn Region consists of the City of Bonn, Rhein Sieg District and Ahrweiler District with more than 1.1 million inhabitants. The Bonn Region is one of the fastest growing locations for business and science in Germany. Important factors in favor of investing in Bonn are a mix of global players and vital medium-sized companies in dynamic and future oriented sectors. The Bonn Region presents its future developments and important individual projects in the fields of office, residential, retail, tourism, and hotels.

Cityfoerster is looking forward to be part of this exhibition with our Masterplan design about the development of the new federal quarter of Bonn.

To find our contribution to Expo Real 2019 in munich, step by at the stand 444 of the Bonn Region in hall B2.

Building networks:

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Recyclinghaus on TV - arte RE:

"The construction industry is booming. But it consumes huge amounts of raw materials. At the same time, half of all waste in Germany comes from the construction sector. Most of it ends up shredded in road construction. Does that have to be the case? "Re:" goes on a treasure hunt for raw materials in the city - with lateral thinkers who turn old rubble into new houses."

Re: Sustainable Building - How to turn debris into raw materials
26. September at 19:40 on arte and in the arte Mediathek.

Project Recyclinghaus

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City-Hub Bonn-Ramersdorf

Bonn is growing. For this reason, public transport must be significantly strengthened and expanded. The Ramersdorf stop connects both banks of the Rhine in Bonn, where many people work and live. How can this currently unattractive "intermediate location" under and along the motorway bridge be transformed into a new public urban space? And what impulses can a transfer point, where different mobility systems are connected with each other, provide for urban development in terms of both structure and content?

More information

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Cityfoerster creates urban planning concept for Düsseldorf

After a EU-wide, two-tired competition, we look forward to be a part of the Raumwerk D - Team in cooperation with „urbanegestalt" and „SHP Ingenieure". Under the direction of the coordination office „Urbanista", three further planning teams ["berchtholdkrass space & options" | "must" | "Reicher Haase Assoziierte"] produce designs for the future urban-spatial development of Düsseldorf.

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Keynote speech Cologne-Kreuzfeld

The City of Cologne is preparing the development of the new Cologne-Kreuzfeld district with a mission statement. Within the framework of a 3rd expert hearing, Verena Brehm will give a keynote speech on options for implementing themes of a mission statement in urban development concepts and specific urban building blocks.

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Also this year we are back with a project on the day of architecture.
Guided tours of the newly completed Recyclinghaus will be held on 30.6.19 every hour between 11:00 and 16:00.

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Symposium on building culture

We are pleased to share our thoughts on the future of the city at the 13th Symposium for the Promotion of Building Culture in Lower Saxony and are looking forward to the discussions!

Sheraton Hotel Pelikanplatz 31, 30177 Hanover

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Y-Table-Talk „Respect the built“

Builders and planners can no longer rely wholly on the construction of new buildings. Priority must be given to preservation and to the material and constructive continuation of that which already exists – as opposed to its frivolous demolition. The concept of "embodied energy", which takes into account the material, transport, and construction energy put into existing buildings, has become a key benchmark for assessing energy efficiency, both in the planning process and in legal regulations. What we need is a new culture of maintenance and repair.

Pascal Hentschel (in situ), Nils Nolting (Cityförster) and Henri Praeger (Praeger Richter Architekten) demonstrate how this can be achieved in three completed projects submitted to the Houston we have a problem call.

 More informations

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Arne Hansen on the new state board of the BDA Lower Saxony

The new state board of the BDA Lower Saxony: Matthias Rüger, Petra Zymara, Tim Grimme and Arne Hansen

At the annual general meeting of the Association of German Architects (BDA) Lower Saxony Regional Association on 9 May 2019, the members elected their managing state board. They confirmed Matthias Rüger with a large majority. The assembly elected Tim Grimme/K17 Steingräber.Architektur from Uslar as his deputy and the two new board members Petra Zymara/Zymara Loitzenbauer Giesecke Architekten BDA Partnerschaft mbB and Arne Hansen/Cityförster.

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3rd Northern German symposium on recycling building materials

"The importance of resource efficiency is increasing in the construction industry. This can be inferred from the current resource efficiency program of the Federal Government (ProgRess II) as well as from efforts at European level to establish a "circular economy". In addition, in December 2018, the UBA published a position paper entitled "Conservation of natural resources through material cycles in the construction industry"

At the symposium we will show various strategies of recycling-compatible construction and construction with recycled building materials and used components on the basis of our pilot project recycling house.

Thursday, May 16, 2019, IHK Kiel

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Cityförster at AfricaWorks 2019

Tomorrow Martin Sobota from Cityförster Rotterdam will talk at AfricaWorks 2019  about the construction of our Campus in Chalimbana, Zambia. Optimizing the buildings orientation towards the sun required substantial excavations. We've used the material to produce Compressed Stabilized Earth Blocks (CSEB's) that are an excellent and circular alternative to concrete blocks. They also stabilize the interior climate so that no air-condition is necessary. New Housing and Classrooms for more than 400 students!

Check out the project here

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Our office in Rotterdam is moving!

From now on you find our office in Rotterdam here:

Charloisse Kerksingel 14
NL- 3082DA Rotterdam

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Philosophy canteen on urban development in Stuttgart

12 years after the agreement on the " Stuttgart Urban Development Concept" (STEK, 2004-2006), more than ten years after the adoption of the "Leipzig Charter on the European City" (2007) and against the background of the current process of the "IBA 2027 StadtRegion Stuttgart", it is important to think ahead!

Tuesday 26 March 2019 from 18:30 - 22:00 (Mensa Holzgartenstraße 11)

We are happy to enrich this exciting topic with our project experiences from Freiburg, Würzburg and Bonn!

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14th BDA Partner Day at Bauhaus Dessau: Lecture Recyclinghaus

The 14th BDA Partner Day on April 5, 2019, is to take up the 100-year tradition of the Bauhaus and link it with the current challenges of climate change. We are pleased to contribute to this discourse with a keynote speech on our Project Recyclinghaus.

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Recycable - a contribution to sustainable building

The Ministry of Environment, Climate and Energy Baden-Württemberg organizes the sixth symposium of the R-Concrete and Circular Economy series in Stuttgart.

Nils Nolting from Cityförster presents our Project Recyclinghaus.

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Cityförster at this year's Expo Real in Munich

We had a very successful day at this year's Expo Real. We made a lot of new contacts and we are looking forward to the future challenges that have arisen.

Video: Expo Real 2018 - Stadtentwicklung

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How much recycling is possible?

This question will be discussed by Nils Nolting of Cityförster on November 8th, 2018 together with other experts from scienes and the construction industry.


Nils Nolting will present our recycling house at the event "Regionale Ressourcenwende in der Bauwirtschaft" by Zukunftsagentur Rheinisches Revier. Using this research project Nils Nolting demonstrates different ways of recycling and talks about opportunities and limitations designing buildings with recycled materials and used components in a recyclable construction.


Click here for more information about the Zukunftsagentur Rheinisches Revier and here for the project.


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Recyclinghaus – Open day

On Sunday, 21.10.2018, from 14: 00-16: 00 an open day will take place in the Recyclinghaus. Interested parties are invited to get an impression of the shell and some special details.


Newspaper article

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Living Environment Forum, Kaliningrad

Martin Sobota will talk about "How Social Performance Improves our Cities" during next weeks session on New Standards for Contemporary Housing at the Living Environment Forum in Kaliningrad, hosted by the Strelka Institute. More than 700 experts, officials, and activists will gather On May 18-19th by the Baltic Sea to discuss the trends and challenges of modern Russian housing.

Living Environment: All About Housing
Kaliningrad, May 18–19, 2018
Location: Kaliningrad Regional Drama Theatre
Address: Mira Ave., 4, Kaliningrad

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Construction Start Recyclinghaus

After intensive planning phase, it finally starts: Construction Start Recyclinghaus!
Today, around 21m³ of recycled concrete has been poured into the formwork of the foundations.

The Recyclinghaus is made of recycled (reused) and recyclable (reusable) components in recycling-fair construction (use and disassembly of the components).

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Cityförster at the Urban Future World Conference 2018!

This year Cityförster is part of the Urban Future World Conference in Vienna. Oliver Seidel will talk about transformations of Cities. He will present our recently completed Perspektivplan Freiburg 2030. The Urban Future Global Conference will take place from February 28th to March 2nd. Looking forward to meeting you there.

Check Oliver's profile

Check the program

Building sustainability: architecture's role in changing cities
Time: Wednesday, 28. February 9.00-10.30
Location: Exhibition & Congress Center • Messe Wien • Room Stolz 2

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Morgenstadt: lecture and workshop at the Fraunhofer-Kongress Morgenstadt

On occasion of the Morgenstadt Workshop 2017, interdisciplinary expertes will meet in order to shape the commune of the future. The challenges are so complex and far-reaching that it is not enough to optimize today's infrastructure such as mobility, energy or water supply. In the context of this complex problem, Sanna Richter and Oliver Seidel are outlining aspects of a liveable and sustainable city with their keynote lecture "Forestry is concerned not with trees ..." In the workshop strategies and tools has to be found in order to develope a concept that considers the city as a growing organism.


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Visiting professor, University of Kassel

In the winter term 2017/18 Verena Brehm will assume the visiting professorship "Urban Interventions" at the University of Kassel in the field of Urban and Regional Planning.

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Robustness - Designing Systems. Lecture PREFA Conference 2017

"Construction and reflection" is the title of this year's conference series by the well - known aluminum producer PREFA. Related to the material metal as a building shell, experts from the field of architecture are presenting best-practice projects. Focusing on simple construction and resource-saving material concepts, Arne Hansen talks about "Robustness - Designing Systems" and demonstrates these principles on various Cityförster projects.

Wednesday, 15. November 2017, 17:00 Uhr
Cavallo Königliche Reithalle, Dragonerstraße 34, 30163 Hannover

Thursday, 16. November 2017, 17:00 Uhr
Universum® Bremen, Wiener Straß e 1a, 28359 Bremen

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From Albania to Zambia. Lecture FH Münster

The "Master Lectures" address topics and trends, old and new paradigms as well as challenges of urbanisation. In his lecture Martin Sobota will talk about strategies of planning and building in an international context.

Tuesday, 12.12.17, 19:30
FH Münster, Leonardo Campus, 48149 Münster, Germany

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ArchitekturTheorieTage 2.0: Lecture on "Productive Theory"

This year the ArchitekturTheorieTage will take place from 2 to 4 November at the Faculty of Architecture and Landscape at the University of Hannover. The common goal is the exchange on "Productive Theory". In the lecture "Pragmatic-Visionary" Felix Rebers presents work and research priorities of Cityförster including the practical implementation of the cradle-to-cradle theory in the industrial park in Bielefeld as well as the settlement 2.0 as an innovative urban development concept.


Thursday, 2.November 2017, 18h
Leibniz Universität Hannover, FAL, a_ku
Herrenhäuser Str. 8, Großes Foyer



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Appointment of Verena Brehm to the Baukollegium Berlin

The Baukollegium Berlin was initiated in 2008 by the Senate Building Director Regula Lüscher. It advises district administrators and investors on the quality of design of significant projects. The Baukollegium is organized by the Senate and consists of six experts from the fields of architecture, urban design and landscape architecture: Dr. Verena Brehm (architect and urban designer, Hanover), Prof. Kees Christiaanse (architect and urban designer, Rotterdam), Andreas Garkisch (architect and urban designer, Munich), Prof. Regine Keller (landscape architect and urban planner, Munich), Jórunn Ragnarsdóttir, (architect, Stuttgart) and Prof. Ansgar Schulz (architect, Leipzig). In addition to the concrete recommendations concerning issues of architecture, landscape architecture and urban design, the fundamental improvement of the communication culture between the planning actors in Berlin represents an important task for the Baukollegium.



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Architecture Day 2017

"Architecture creates quality of life" is the nation-wide motto of the Architecture Day 2017: We are happy and proud that two of our projects are part of this year's selection! On Sunday, 25th of June 2017, we invite you to visit the "Residential Crown" in Hannover and the "New School" in Wolfsburg.

Residential Crown Hannover
Windmühlenstraße 3, 30159 Hannover
guided tours: 13:00 and 14:00
more information

New School Wolfsburg
Heinrich-Heine-Straße 36, 38440 Wolfsburg
guided tours: 11.30, 13.30 and 15.30
more information

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Transformation of the Car-Depended-City. Lecture

Mobility and its change is a future field of urban design and urban planning. As a result of increasing alternatives to the automobile and the change of mobility behaviour of the younger generation, spatial resources are created to improve the quality of life in our cities. The symposium brings together renowned national and international positions. In her lecture Verena Brehm will point out the transformation potential of multi-storey car parks as locations for residential architecture.

23th of June 2017 // 10.00 am – 05:00 pm
University of Kassel, Campus Center,
Moritzstraße 18, Hörsaal 4 // Raum 1127

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Everything remains different. Lecture

Housing, working, learning - lifestyles are constantly changing. "The craziest utopia would be the attempt to freeze the present," says Alexander Kluge. In her lecture, Verena Brehm talks about how the projects of CITYFÖRSTER are meant to accompany and foster changes in everyday life. Housing schemes, constructions methods, working environments etc. are designed that are feasible. Not radically new, but everything remains different...

Tuesday, 20.6.2017, 19:00
Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences
Nibelungenplatz 1, Gebäude 1, Raum 529

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„Architecture. Education. Landscape“: Lecture

Educational concepts in Germany are constantly evolving. How do architecture and urban design deal with these new requirements? How do exciting and manifold learning environments look like? How can the city benefit from educational facilities? The 11th Symposium on Building Culture will present concepts, possibilities and solutions in lectures and discussions. Using the example of the "New School in Wolfsburg", Kirstin Bartels will illustrate how new spatial concepts enable and foster a variety of ways of learning and teaching. The conference is organized by the Chamber of Architects of Lower Saxony.


23. Juni 2017, 9:30 bis 15:30 Uhr
Sheraton Hotel, Pelikanplatz 31, 30177 Hannover

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Presentation „Garden City 21"

Together with freiwurf and landinsicht, the team of Cityförster presents their workshop contribution "Stadtrandstand" to the BBSR project "Gartenstadt21 grün-urban-vernetzt" in the closing event in Berlin on March 2nd 2017. During the collaborative workshop in Bremen in September 2016 the participants discussed theses about and the development of Howards concept of the garden city with regards to the changes and challenges of the 21st century. Besides the ideas and conclusions of the workshop and main study (by BPW baumgart+partner), the BBSR discusses in the symposium with urban practitioners different ways and visions for a garden city model of the 21st century. More information

Thursday, 02.03.2017, 10-16.30
Ernst-Reuter-Haus, Berlin

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Join our team in Rotterdam!

For our office in Rotterdam we are looking for a landscape architect and an architect with at least 4 years of professional experience, who is able to lead challenging international projects.

Please send your application to:
or call us: +31 (0) 10 414 68 41

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Kulturzentrum Pavillon. Lecture

CITYFÖRSTER is invited to reflect on an experimental, research-based approach to architecture and urban development by the initiative AG Stadtleben: In her lecture Verena Brehm will present selected projects to discuss ways of "doings things differently".

Kulturzentrum Pavillon
Montag, 7. November 2016, 19.00 Uhr
Lister Meile 4, Hannover

Coming up

Workshop „Gartenstadt 21"

Together with freiwurf and landinsicht, CITYFÖRSTER is invited by BBSR, to participate in the workshop "Gartenstadt21 grün-urban-vernetzt" early in September this year. During the workshop the participants will discuss theses about and the development of Howards concept of the garden city with regards to spatial challenges of the 21st century. The other teams participating in the workshop consist of teams around yellowz and Urbanista as well as topotek and HHF architects. We are looking forward to exciting and productive days.

Coming up

Talking about "Work + Process"

The series "architecture talks" by the regional Chamber of Architects Baden-Wuerttemberg focuses on "work and process". Throughout the event, the speakers will not only present their own work, but exchange ideas and express thoughts and questions about the other participant´s position. Cityförster is invited to discuss with Angela Fritsch, architect from Seeheim-Jugenheim, about the own work, working processes and methods.

Architecture Talks 2016, "work and process"
June 9th 2016, 7- 9.30 pm
"Haus der Architekten", Danneckerstraße 54, Stuttgart
Moderation: Christian Holl, journalist, Stuttgart

Coming up

Heinze ArchitekTOUR 2016, keynote lecture

The Heinze ArchitekTOUR 2016 is dedicated to architecture in times of demographic, social and climatic change. The tour program „Form Follows Resource" addresses new standards in contemporary architecture and a responsible, yet innovative use of design, material, economic and social resources. CITYFÖRSTER is invited to give a keynote lecture followed by a discussion.

FORM FOLLOWS RESOURCE Architektur in Zeiten des Wandels
Tuesday, 31.05.2016, Entry: from 1.00 p.m.
Expowal Hannover, Chicago Lane 9, 30539 Hannover

Coming up

Urban Lab Palestine @ Venice Biennale

As part of the UN Habitat Urban Labs team working on Gaza, Palestine, CITYFÖRSTER will present the preliminary findings at an event, organised by the Dutch Creative Industries Fund, bringing together five different cases across the world that are currently under development as part of a New Strategy of UN Habitats Urban Planning and Design Lab.
The event will take place in the Università Ca' Foscari di Venezia on May 27th. If you are interested to participate, please let us know. Participation is by invitation only.

Coming up

Marta Herford. Lecture

The "Architecture Talks" at Marta Herford discuss ideas and visions of life in the city as well as current issues in architecture and urbanism. CITYFÖRSTER is invited to a keynote lecture followed by a discussion.

Wednesday, 11.5.2016, 20:00
Marta Herford, Goebenstr. 2–10, 32052 Herford

Coming up


The regional chamber of architects will host the first congress for Architecture and Urban Development on the 6th of April in Stuttgart: Cityförster is invited as lecturer in the session "cooperation and networking" and will give insights into the office's structure as an international partnership.

Coming up

Jobs. Team Hannover

We are looking for student workers and interns for our office in Hanover, Germany.
Our work is characterized by team spirit, commitment and openness to new ideas and approaches. Currently we are working on urban planning and urban design projects in Germany and China, as well as on architectural projects especially in the housing sector (e.g. affordable housing, experimental designs, new sites).

Please send your applications to:
or call us: 0049 511 5194760

Coming up

Visiting Professor Urban Design, Kassel

Verena Brehm has been appointed visiting professor of urban design at the University of Kassel, Germany. She teaches two design projects and a theory course on design motives.

Coming up

Leinewelle: Riversurfing Hannover!

We would like to thank Heiko Heybey and team for their idea: Why not surf Hanover's river Leine? Their sound concept has convinced stakeholders from politics and administration of the feasibility of the wave. Cityförster activley supports the project: Surfing in Hanover's old town – that's how it could look like:

Coming up

New office location Cityförster Hamburg!

We are happy about the opening of our new office location in the west of the Hanseatic city of Hamburg - just a few minutes' walk from the station in Altona!

After 14 years in Norway managing partner Kirstin Bartels shifts the working field "school buildings" from Oslo to Hamburg.

A great start for the new location was the 2nd prize in the international competition "Primary and Comprehensive School Helios" in Cologne in cooperation with bof architects and urbane gestalt landscape architects, which was decided the end of June 2015. Another 2nd prize followed right after in the architectural design competition "District School Altona, Hamburg" as the result of a successful team work with bof architects.

We look forward to new contacts, projects and cooperation in northern Germany and would like to welcome you at

Cityförster Hamburg
Schillerstraße 47-49 im 7.OG
D 22767 Hamburg
fon +49 (0) 40 788 035 97

Coming up

Lecture "Understanding Cities"

As part of the lecture series "Understanding Cities" of the Technical University Cottbus Oliver Seidel is invited to reflect on spatial concepts and principles in large scale planning processes. The lecture focuses the topic of interdisciplinary cooperation and the effectiveness of participatory processes.

Monday 22.6.2015, 17:30
Hörsaal 1
Konrad-Wachsmann-Allee 4
03046 Cottbus

Coming up

Exhibition in the German Architecture Center

The massive need for living space in many big cities today is a chance to forge a new era of housing by creating new qualities. The URBAN LIVING exhibition presents ideas and best practice examples for new, affordable living typologies, vibrant neighborhoods and a resilient urban development. The exhibition shows strategies that improve urban life while strengthening specific characteristics of individual neighborhoods. Projects from the international URBAN LIVING workshop and from the SELF-MADE CITY publication are presented. We are happy to announce, that our project VACANT SITES OVER THE ROOFTOPS OF THE CITY is part of the exhibition.

URBAN LIVING - Strategies for the future
Vernissage: 21.5.2015, 7.00 p.m.
Exhibition: 22.5. - 4.7.2015, wed - sun 2.00 - 7.00 pm
DAZ, Köpenicker Straße 48/49, 10179 Berlin

Coming up

Presentation "Cradle-to-Cradle Industrial Parks"

How can industrial areas be developed according to the concept "Cradle-to-Cradle "(C2C)?
The concept Cradle-to-Cradle is based upon Prof. Dr. Michael Braungart's idea of a circular economy in which resources are not consumed but are continually used. The City of Bielefeld explores together with ten European project partners how this concept can be transferred to the development of industrial parks. In this context CITYFÖRSTER and landscape architects Urbane Gestalt were commissioned with a feasibility study, which focuses on the development of C2C-principles in the areas of buildings, open space and infrastructure. The results will be presented on Wednesday, 15.04.2015, from 17 clock in a public presentation. You are welcome to join the event.

Wednesday, 15. April 2015, 17:00
GOLDBECK GmbH, Ummelner Straße 4 – 6, 33649 Bielefeld

download invitation

Coming up

"Think!" Lecture

Oliver Seidel is invited to give a lecture on sustainable design in the series "Think!" by the BDB Bund Deutscher Baumeister in Bielefeld.

"Sustainable design not only increases the functional capacity of architecture, it also triggers a variety of positive effects. Architecture influences the way we live, work, play, meet, and communicate essentially."

Kunsthalle Bielefeld
Tuesday 11.11.2014, 19:00

Coming up

Exhibition Opening "Urban Living"

The results of the cooperative workshop "Urban Living - New forms of urban living" are presented at HO Berlin from 6th to 26th of March 2014. You are cordially invited to the opening with the Senate Building Director Regula Lüscher on March 5th, 2014.

How can entire neighborhoods benefit from redensification? How can building and living costs be reduced? What kind of residential concepts are sustainable?

These questions were discussed in the workshop procedure. The aim was to develop exemplary innovative solutions for housing in the coming years. We would like to discuss with you our project: a residential conversion and extension of a multi-storey car park in Berlin Neukölln.

Exhibition Opening: 05.03.2014, 18-19.30
HO | Berlin, Holzmarktstraße 66, 10179 Berlin

6th-26th March 2014, Tue-Sat 12-18:00