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Building with Existing

"The most energy-efficient building is the one that is already built."
Huge potential lies dormant in existing building structures, which must be used to reduce resource consumption. It makes sense to modernize existing buildings, convert them or at least reuse and revitalize existing supporting structures. Up to 30% of emissions can be saved through reactivation, expansion or reorientation: A significant and also financially noticeable difference in the CO2 balance. The savings potential in the renovation of existing buildings is an important task that we combine with social and urban issues. In particular, the densification of existing quarters is of great importance since infrastructures can be built up on and additional offers can be placed within present urban fabrics. Right from the start, we treat the inventory with respect and always with the background of its cultural and historical value in mind. We see refurbishment as a serious opportunity not only to make existing buildings more energy-efficient but also to critically question the architecture, urban planning and the environment to solve problems in the long term and thus get the best out of the investment.