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Regenerative Tourism

«Tourism destroys what it is looking for by finding it» Hans Magnus Enzensberger Tourism harbors the danger of destroying nature and culture that are worth protecting. At the same time, it has great potential for the respective regions. On the one hand, it is about creating a strong economic basis for the population through a tolerable mass and the accessibility of places of tourist interest. On the other hand, it is important to respect, protect and preserve all those aspects that spark interest in the respective sites. We find the balance between both sides by analyzing the local peculiarities in depth. As a result, we develop places as year-round destinations and couple them with economic concepts that organize value creation primarily locally and ensure the necessary knowledge transfer through cooperation with international brands and providers. Here, too, we are particularly interested in public space. Individual interests can be bundled here and thus new, multifunctional places with character can be developed. Our architecture takes up the individual spirit of a place and puts it in the foreground. To do this, we also consider the customer journey of future visitors and plan the architecture integrally and holistically. Loaded with additional activity options and embedded in the local infrastructure, we not only encourage guests to come but also to stay, come back and recommend. In short: We recognize potential and develop it, activate or reactive places and make them tangible in a sustainable way. We manage to ensure that tourism protects instead of destroying.

    Open Space Planning. Cape Square Durrës Albanien