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Timber Construction

We are in the midst of a much-needed resource turnaround. Wood plays a major role due to its immense potential. As a building material, it meets all the requirements of a modern and forward-looking building element: it is renewable, recyclable, compostable and requires comparatively little energy for production and processing. In addition, by building with wood, we turn buildings into climate-positive CO2 stores. Through intensive planning, we can guarantee a recycling-friendly design that ensures advantageous dismantling. In addition to the construction, we also pay attention to the use of local wood and its processing. Serial and modular prefabrication favors fast construction times and thus less burden on the residents - this also makes modernizing buildings in inhabited conditions easier. In connection with the low density of wood and the comparatively light construction, the building material is also unbeatable when it comes to post-compaction. The wide range of wood products allows individual solutions for any conversion, addition, and construction work. In addition to the technical, ecological and economic advantages, last but not least the aesthetics, feel and the very good indoor climate properties should be mentioned. At CITYFÖRSTER, wood is usually used in conjunction with other renewable and sustainable raw materials such as straw, hemp and clay. We realize high-quality architecture with wood for a better future.

    Architectural design and planning. Recyclinghaus, Hanover