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Learning and Working Environments

Learning and working environments are in a constant state of transformation, shaped by globalization, digitization and changing life models. The classic office building is becoming an open, adaptable working environment and classrooms are becoming learning landscapes. Differentiated room offerings provide space, light and atmosphere for concentrated or communicative working and learning. The focus is no longer on use-specific rooms but on special room atmospheres and concise design to create identity. Everyone has a right to education and everyone learns differently. Lifelong learning is the prerequisite for sustainable development and peaceful coexistence in society. Therefore: low-threshold access, the embedding of educational modules into the urban fabric as well as the identification with the place play a fundamental role for us in the intergenerational working and learning process. CITYFÖRSTER develops spatial-pedagogical as well as functional-structural concepts how our built environment can meet the changes in learning and working environments. In school construction as well as in office and commercial architecture, we place special emphasis on the design of innovative communication zones and the creation of diverse places for learning, exchange and work. We see multifunctionality and overlapping of uses as basic principles for resilient learning and working environments. We networked learning and working landscapes to create synergies that promote learning together and learning from each other. As architects and urban planners we accompany and advise all phases from concept development to realization. We align our spatial concepts with specific needs and develop school, office and commercial architecture as integrated urban building blocks with an "urban mix".

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