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Integrated Urban Planning

Cities are in constant competition and have to continually reinvent themselves and remain agile to seize opportunities and economic potential and to be able to offer citizens positive prospects. Structural change, energy transition, climate change or even globalization have a strong influence. We are actively concerned with how cities and regions can become and remain attractive and sustainable. We look at urban development in the long term and based on specific talents, events and potential, which we develop into holistic concepts. Instead of resorting to blueprints, we look at the individual history of places, analyze their DNA and infuse it with new functions and values. In this way, we bring the cities together with global developments and create long-term stable urban structures with a substantial and specific character. We pay particular attention to an appropriate density and mix of uses as a basic requirement for quality of life and vitality. The integration of the landscape into the urban structure strengthens the quality of public spaces and enables the use of ecosystem services on an urban scale.