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Strategic Spatial Development

With the world being reconfigured as a result of the globalization processes, transnational regions, cities, municipalities, and countries face a variety of challenges in their spatial development. We, therefore, design development strategies for metropolitan regions, for the inner development of entire cities or regional opencast mining landscapes. We deal with topics such as immigration, emigration, and structural change - for example, the disappearance of the coal industry - but also the overwhelming effects of the climate crisis. Economic interests, social and mobility issues also play a decisive role. Against this background, it is important to design strategies that provide approximate directions and guidelines for spatial, infrastructural and functional developments. Various interests are intertwined and related, synergies created and transferred into a consistent spatial image. We pay attention to catchy representations to communicate ideas and dependencies and to make them understandable. The strategies developed are never flat. The entire area is not penetrated and processed at the same depth. Instead, we set linear and selective strategic guidelines that define the framework and the important cornerstones of the desired development. Our spatial strategies clarify problems, compare, connect and prioritize existing interests and visually spatialize stimulating ideas. The representations are concise, easily graspable key tools and an important instrument for further planning.