CITYFÖRSTER is an international partnership of architects and urban planners. The team is led by 8 partners and located in Berlin, Hamburg, Hanover, Oslo and Rotterdam. We work in the areas of strategic urban development and neighbourhood planning. We design and build new residential, educational and administrative typologies. Our approach is cooperative, hands-on and based on lateral thinking. The interaction of professional practice, research and teaching is constantly enriching the principles of our work. Like that we can work in a pragmatic, yet visionary way: Good ideas are transformed into viable projects.

  • We provide both –
    architecture and urban planning.

    Architecture and urban planning depend on each other. A cross-disciplinary exchange leads to improved results. In our partnership architects and urban planners work in close cooperation. But CITYFÖRSTER is more than this - we are supported by an established network of experts and planners in the fields of landscape architecture, mobility, sociology, climate engineering, and building technology. Like that we can offer a wide range of services from a single source. This ensures comprehensive results and simplifies communication with the project stakeholders for our clients.

  • We design integrative.

    Architecture and urban planning are complex. Before we start designing we analyze the task and develop an appropriate process. We plan projects that are target-orientated and embed expert knowledge of other disciplines from the very beginning. Therefore a repetitive formal language does not characterize our work. It is about architecture that is contextualized and specific.

  • We get more out of your investment.

    We achieve this in particular by two principles: Through the strategy of 'frontloading' we invest more in the beginning – into a smart concept and anticipatory planning. Thus, processes are accelerated and costs for planning and building are reduced. Secondly we focus on core strategies to bring out the special characteristics of a project. Having the essential elements in mind it becomes obvious where savings are possible.

  • We control processes
    precisely and responsibly.

    Our clients value us as partners in dialogue. We are open, straightforward and reliable. Schedule and cost certainty is achieved through a robust project management. As a partnership we are able to flexibly and effectively respond to pressing and changing scheduling.