Sanna Richter

Dipl.-Ing. Architect AKNDS, Building Assessor

Strategic Urban Development, Urban Design, Public Planning and Project Development

Sanna is a founding partner of CITYFÖRSTER architecture + urbanism and lives in Berlin. Her work has a focus that operates at the interface between strategic urban development and its translation into urban design concepts and built architectural solutions. Sanna oversees all comprehensive urban development concepts right up to urban design schemes and neighborhood developments.

Sanna Richter studied architecture at Leibniz University Hannover and in Setúbal, Portugal, and worked for architecture firms in Hannover and Lisbon. From 2006 to 2012, she taught urban design at the Institute of Architecture and Urban Design at Leibniz University Hannover and did research on the synergies of flood protection for urban development. Sanna has been a member of the Friends' Association of the Federal Foundation for Baukultur since 2010.

Her main interest is evident in such projects as the long-range urban development study for the periphery of Munich (2011–12), the Perspektivplan 2030 spatial vision for Freiburg (2013–17), and the submission for TXL Restart (2009–12).

Sanna loves the diversity and complexity of the urban. Her aim is to enable urban design schemes to be effective by paying regard to the intrinsic requirements of a specific place and the actors involved.

Sanna has been working full-time for the Senate Department for Urban Development and Housing in Berlin since 2016, where she is responsible for project management and urban land-use planning and supports the state government's housing offensive.