Rookje Meijerink

M.A. art history | management assistant Rotterdam

Rookje Meijerink is currently Business Development/Management Assistant at Cityförster in Rotterdam. "I'm a creative all-rounder with 15 years of experience in the cultural sector, who can create text and content, manage tenders and projects, give lectures and tours, and organize exhibitions and events. My main drive is to share my enthusiasm about art, architecture, and culture, preferably with the widest possible audience - because art enriches everyone's life. People describe me as being result-driven: good at planning, working with teams, and meeting deadlines. At the same time, I'm also someone who likes to come up with creative solutions, who is eager to learn, and who is not afraid to get her hands dirty. During my career, I've worked as a studio manager at the atelier of artist Joep van Lieshout, as a business development and PR assistant at a number of architectural firms, and as a lecturer at the Rotterdam School of Applied Sciences. Additionally, I have volunteered for various non-profits ranging from festivals tot kindergartens, and from elementary schools to events."