Ricarda Roloff

B.Sc. architecture

Ricarda successfully completed her bachelor's degree at Leibniz University in Hanover in January 2021. During this time she worked at the Institute for Art and Design for two years. In the architecture field of activity, she can combine many of her interests and face her own standards of design and quality anew every day.

She would like to use the time before and during the Master to get started in professional life and to gather impressions of the everyday work of an architect. Topics that interest her primarily include sustainable and regional planning. In particular, she tries to incorporate these aspects into the designs.

"The possibility as an architect and urban planner to change physical space in such a way that it positively influences the everyday life of the residents is what fascinates and motivates me the most."

In her free time, she is very interested in culture, open to the world and would like to pass on her passion for the built environment to the people around her.