Kirstin Bartels

Partner | Dipl.-Ing. Architect AKNDS

New Learning Environments and Educational Architecture, School Construction Consulting

Kirstin is a founding partner of CITYFÖRSTER architecture + urbanism. She has been managing the Hamburg office since 2014 with a focus on new learning environments and educational architecture, offering a range of services related to school construction, from consulting and planning to implementation. Her focus is on the development and support of integrated planning processes – starting from "phase zero" and extending to planning and construction.

After studying architecture at Leibniz University Hannover and TU Graz, Kirstin moved in 2001 to Oslo, Norway – where, until 2012, she was responsible for the planning and construction of numerous educational and cultural buildings as an associate at div.A arkitekter. As a cofounder and managing partner, Kirstin also represented Cityförster in Oslo from 2004 to 2014. She began her work as a school construction consultant in 2012 with the Montag Foundation's nationwide "Schulen planen und bauen" competition for pilot projects to plan and build schools. Since then she has been assisting private and public schools, cities, and communities throughout Germany and abroad in the development of integrated spatial-pedagogical school concepts within the framework of so-called "phase zero" predesign programming.

Kirstin has lived in Hamburg since 2014 and is the managing director of the Hamburg office. In addition to consulting on and planning school buildings, Kirstin is in demand as an expert juror for various competitions for school buildings and educational facilities and as a speaker at conferences, seminars, and panel discussions on the topic of school construction. Winning 1st prize and receiving the commission for the Neue Schule Wolfsburg in 2010 was a notable success. In 2016 she opened the new SEK I building for the extension of the Neue Schule Wolfsburg as part of the Klieversberg educational landscape. Currently in planning are the Nümbrecht School Center, an annex for the Elisabeth-von-Thadden Gymnasium in Heidelberg, and the Kultur.Werk.Schule Dresden.

For Kirstin, consulting and design is also an exploratory process: The so-called "phase zero" begins the process with dialogue-driven field research and investigation. For Kirstin, a well-executed "phase zero" is the basis for successful school planning and implementation.