SAVI Guggenheim Helsinki

The Guggenheim will access the richness of Nordic culture and open a door towards the East of Europe. Helsinki gets the opportunity to integrate a site with landmark potentials into the heart of the City: Reachable for pedestrians from Eteläesplanadi, adjacent to Tahititornin Vuori Park, and neighboring Olympia Terminal, the site will be a new Connecter within the city. The urban design introduces a plinth to meet the challenges and foster the potentials of the site: It connects the park with the water front via a pedestrian bridge crossing Laivasillankatu. Pedestrians from Eteläesplanadi are directed towards the site via a stage and a grand ramp with seating – here the exhibition begins! A civic space of great quality for tourists and residents to gather and socialize. At the same time the plinth covers the port vehicles access, ensuring undisturbed port operations. Above the Plinth and the Forum "flys" a wooden box. Its height fits into the surroundings and allows great views. The slim shape and horizontal gesture enhances the characteristic of the site at the water front: a subtle yet genuine new element of Helsinki's cityscape.

Site plan