• Pelikan Mix⁴

    The project PELIKAN MIX4 is characterized by a variety of dwelling types according to urban lifestyles. Within an urban master plan four distinctive characteristics are developed:
    A landscape tableau is the connecting element, forming an entrée for the private, semi-public and public spaces. Generous lobbies in each house compose a discrete identity and a space of encounters. A great flexibility in the floor plans allows a variety of different apartments in size and type. According to society demands, the types "wellness", "sustainable", "extravagant" and "comfortable" are developed. They differ in constellation of rooms, material, building equipment and the offer of outdoor spaces. So called "Glorietten" crown the buildings and optimize light, spatial peculiarity and views.

    30177 Hannover
  • Kronsberg South A.2

    The city block is structured by two cuts towards the public street. In this way, a community courtyard with neighboring pathways is created. The perimeter block development consists of six residential units and twelve townhouses on the east side. The street-facing brick facades are representative and respond to the importance of the entrance to the quarter. The spacious inner courtyard is zoned into a communal green center, surrounding paths and the private gardens lining the first floor apartments. All building entrances are barrier-free and all apartments are planned to be barrier-free. Each apartment has an outdoor sitting area and a small storage room. The underground parking garage is located in an L-shape under the northern block and is accessible from all staircases of the apartment buildings. There are also 145 bicycle parking spaces, some of which are equipped with charging stations.

    30539 Hanover
  • Buchholzer Green

    The development of Buchholzer Grün creates a residential area in an attractive location. The five-storey and the four-storey apartment buildings in combination with ten three-storey townhouses form the northern opening of the new quatier. The three new buildings develop a powerful, own identity, which incorporate the urban connection to the surrounding city districts and the neighbouring Podbielskistraße. The rhythmization in the height development as well as the verticality through the overlapping windows and balconies in the clinker facade are central design principles. The change of material makes the entrance areas clearly recognizable and at the same time they fit into the overall structure of the facades. The result is a robust, unpretentious and solid figure. The multi-storey housing units impress with an exciting mix of tenements and condominiums in different sizes, while the townhouses offer a small type of building as well as a large one and enable parking inside the house.


    under construction
    30659 Hanover
  • Water town Limmer

    The program of the new quarter entrance describes a modern mixed-used block in which different functions come together and are arranged compactly to each other. The entrances to the main functions are oriented towards the public spaces and emphasise the priority square and corner situations in the urban context. The 7-storey residential tower houses 60 micro apartments with a café on the ground floor along the entire facade. The eastern block houses is the assisted living, the western block is the care facility, including the supermarket with parking decks and a southern and northern row of shops. All ground floor facades with public uses open up to the public space with generously sized windows. The design envisages a solid construction method in reinforced concrete and brickwork, which optimally depicts the various building parts, functions and room sizes according to their requirements.

    Wunstorfer Landstraße
    30453 Hanover