• King-Bansah-School

    Cityförster designed a school for the charity project of the King Bansah Ghana development association. Below an approx. 75m long roof several volumes will be constructed in a simple way representing a unique identity. The roof itself is split in two vertical shifted parts to provide natural ventilation for the air and light permeable volumes. The air cools down beneath the canopies and circulates through the pattern openings of the concrete building blocks into the workshops. Once heated up the hot air exhaust through the roof top vents. The roof is also used to mount numerous photovoltaic modules that provide the necessary self-sufficient power supply. The construction process will be split in three stages. After each stage the completed buildings can be used immediately. In a first stage the artisan workshops will be build. As a second stage the workshops for wood and metalworking and the staff room will be constructed. Finally, the car repair shop and the covered forecourt will be added to the entire construction. The illumination and air ventilation is provided through customized brickwork. The openings in the concrete moulded bricks refer to patterns of traditional fabrics in Ghana. The lower wall segments are closed for dirt protection and they offer the opportunity for the sign paint shop to use their skills and write all donators names on the facade of the building.

    Tema - Jasikan Road
    12345 Hohoe