• Neue Schule Wolfsburg

    At CITYFÖRSTER, we aim to create spaces for social interaction and exchange - places where people come together, but where they can also find a sense of security.

    For our school project in Wolfsburg, the existing buildings of the former Hermann-Löns-School were expanded to include a new building for the secondary school. The aim of the design was not only a respectful treatment of the existing architecture but also its logical and consistent continuation. The comb-like structure of the existing school building was continued on the ground floor level. The space in between can be regarded as the "heart" of the school: a three-story open space that connects all floors vertically and serves as the main gathering place. At the same time, the building opens up horizontally: Generous glass surfaces and entrances open the ground floor to the city, the schoolyard, and an adjacent park – creating fluid transitions between the inside and the outside.

    With the Neue Schule Wolfsburg, we've sought to create a school building that is open to the world, encourages its students to meet and collaborate, yet at the same time functions as a safe haven to learn.

    Heinrich-Heine-Straße 36
    38440 Wolfsburg
  • Primary and Comprehensive School Helios

    A new primary and comprehensive school (IUS) is planned for the former site of the Helios AG in Cologne Ehrenfeld. The school concept is based on the idea of a "university school", which spatially implements the educational objectives of inclusiveness: The school comprises the grades 1 to 13 and operates closely with the teacher training of the University of Cologne. This is architecturally reflected in an open learning environment for all grades. As part of a new high-quality and dense city block, the school should be an integral part and actor of the district: The school premises may be used publicly and the school offers a range of activities to the neighborhood.
    The school is designed as a compact structure, which is confidently positioned due to its clear-cut cubic form and at the same time contextualized by its orientation to axes and edges of the surroundings. It creates a clear address to the Vogelsanger Straße by a glass-enclosed foyer and a funnel-shaped, covered entrance situation. The inviting foyer and the localization of semi-public functions on the ground floor – such as the auditorium and educational center, the canteen, workshop and studio spaces – creates the desired integration of the school into the district and allows for important synergies of different usages.
    The common center - "the heart of the school" - spans over two floors and offers spacious stairs for meeting and seating: A great place for communication and leisure for all functional areas of the whole school.

    Excerpt from the jury report: "The jury praised in particular the optimal implementation of the educational objectives, which corresponds in a particular way to the intentions of the users. The learning environments are well designed and can be effectively used. Primary education is accessible as a separate unit on the first floor over short distances. The secondary education units I and II are localized on one level and are equipped with a spacious central communication zone, which provides space for a diverse range of activities. ..."

    50825 Cologne
  • Martin-Luther-Schule

    The Martin-Luther-School is an upper secondary school with a special focus on musical education. It houses about 1600 pupils. The extension of the existing building became necessary to adapt to contemporary didactic concepts and to allow for all-day care. It contains classrooms, a natural science block, music rooms, a canteen and a gymnasium. The design translates the demands concerning resource efficiency and preservation in a sensual and sensible manner. The main climatic feature of the building is the shape of the building itself: So called solar-chimneys foster natural ventilation by stack effect and become a significant formal element. The expressive roofscape also em­phasizes places inside the building – large roof lights extend the space upwards and provide particular light. During school hours these areas are open spaces to be appropriated by different age groups for independent learning. The building is conceived as a timber frame structure with a larch-wood cladding.

    Staatsstraße 2
    64668 Rimbach im Odenwald
  • Educational Landscape Cologne

    The aim of the "Educational Landscape Altstadt Nord" in Cologne is the design of the neighborhood at the district park Klingelpütz: Here, a viable space - in an educational and physical sense - should be developed. The main concern is to improve the educational opportunities of children and young adults. The existing primary school will be renovated and expanded. Additionally several new buildings are planned: a secondary school, a nursery, a study house, as well as a canteen and a workshop building. The various functions are located around a common center - the heart of the campus. According to the specific requirements differentiated situations for learning, recreation and play are offered. Special emphasis is placed on the permeability of the campus, which fits into the urban fabric offering manifold ways and passages. A unique spatial edge is formed in relation to the park.

    Gereonswall 75
    50670 Cologne
  • District Centre Mastbrook

    The urban concept is based on a compact building envelope positioned on the plot, creating multifarious open public spaces for various outdoor use. The compact volume is achieved by stacking the program: The space-centered gym is located on the first floor, the community center with its open, active and animating facades is based on ground level.Emerging from its program, the building volume is shaped with several recesses and kerfs. The entrances to the different functions are visualized by cut-outs of the volume. The building attains efficiency by layering functions and multiple-shift usage.The structure consists of a mix of reinforced concrete on the base and prefabricated cross-laminated timber on the upper storey. On ground level the facades are designed with large glazing elements and fibre-cement coated with colorful pattern. The facades of the gym are clad with black, large scale trapezoidal sheetings. Translucent façade areas from polycarbonate panels stretch around the upper corners, in order to give further differentiation to the building volume and embed it in the surrounding scale.

    24768 Rendsburg