Are you into parametric design AND want to push sustainable construction techniques?

We, CITYFÖRSTER Rotterdam, are looking for talented starters that want to dive with us into three months of research into series, types and modules, furthering our understanding to use mass customization to bridge the gap between industrial building and complex, inner-city (re-)development.

With our research, we want to investigate, by means of a parametric design approach, how standardization, modularity and industrial production can be cleverly combined in "mass customization".

We want to bridge the gap between industrial construction production and inner-city customization by investigating how standardization can be combined with modularity and mass customization of, for example, connecting pieces in order to be able to apply crucial concepts of circular construction in complex inner-city assignments.
Do you like the power of parametric design, BIM and LCA's and do you want to combine these with a bio-based and remountable construction process? Then join us now!

As part of the Fund "Building Talent 2021" by the Stimuliering Fonds, we are looking for a starting maker and designer within the broad disciplines of architecture, design and digital culture who would like to participate in a three-month collaborative programme with us. You can now subscribe to our proposal until 31 August 2021.

Who is this open call for?
We are looking for a starting maker and designer with a maximum of four years of work experience in the Netherlands in the disciplines of design, architecture or digital culture. The grant scheme is open to talents who have graduated from a relevant design study, and also to makers and designers who have developed their professional practice without having completed a design study.

You can find more information here.