Petriviertel. Urban Living

The concept corresponds to the special character and significant qualities of the site in the development area 'Petriviertel' by correlating three different qualities of the site with three different ways of living: 1. Compact living in the ‚ring', where efficient floor plans are combined with shared luxury. 2. Living with two orientations in the ‚rows', where the open floor plans guarantee a connection towards the landscape and the green inner courtyard. 3. Panorama- Living in the towers, where spacious penthouseapartments celebrate the open view towards the riverbed of Warnow. The main purpose of the design is to guarantee a large variation of typologies for all kind of different ways of living. At the same time the three different types of living within one quarter should be related through the same architectonical identity. The quarter is well connected, meanwhile private and shared spaces combine different areas. The material and structure of the elevations are divergent but related through a similar quality of design. The design of the facades (two faces) contributes to this idea. Faced towards the streets there character is rather 'hard', faced towards the inner courtyard, there character is rather 'soft'.

new neighborhood at the waterfront